2020 Update: In light of the COVID-19 situation, I’m only doing online training sessions for the foreseeable future.

I run a variety of workshops that will help your organization migrate from Microsoft Excel to Google Sheets.

These sessions are customizable based on your organization’s specific needs.

90-Minute Webinars

Available as individual webinars or packages.

Typically, session one is an introduction to Google Sheets and focuses on breaking down the myths surrounding the product.

Follow-up webinars focus on specific learning areas, for example, Google Sheets functions, Pivot Tables or Macros. These webinars provide your team with a comprehensive introduction to the Google Sheets environment.

1/2-Day Workshop

The 1/2-day workshop is ideal for groups who want to get up to speed with Google Sheets as fast as possible. Beginning with cloud collaboration and moving through the unique functions and features that make Google Sheets special, this 1/2-day workshop is four hours of action-packed learning.

Full-Day Workshop

During a full-day workshop, we’ll have time to cover more topics and go deeper into the areas that matter most to you. We cover and expand upon topics from the half-day workshop. You choose the areas you want to go deep on.

Ideal for Excel experts looking for a shortcut to advanced Google Sheets techniques.

Contact me to find out more about these sessions and which option is right for you and your team.

What Clients Say:

Here at Capital One, we’ve been on a mission to demystify Sheets by bringing our users information to help them build their Sheets skill. We partnered with Ben Collins for a webinar series. More than 3000 users registered and benefited from the series. Over 90% of the participants rated the sessions as “very helpful” and requested for more in-depth webinars like these in the future.

Ben is truly a SME in Google Sheets and Analytics. He is an excellent Instructor, who is passionate about teaching others how to work effectively and efficiently using Google software. Ben’s demeanor in the Webinar was greatly liked, and it enabled increased participation. He took a creative training approach by incorporating demos and real-time polls that made sessions very interactive and highly engaging.

We will continue to work with Ben in the near future to bring similar rigor to other Google applications and software.

Mansi Kohli
Senior Manager, Technology – G Suite Solutions and Engagement
Capital One