I help organizations make the switch from Microsoft Excel to Google Sheets through workshops, webinars and online courses.

I’m a Google Developer Expert specializing in Google Sheets. I’ve taught spreadsheet workshops and courses for the past four years.

There are a lot of myths surrounding Google Sheets.

  • That it can only handle small data.
  • That there aren’t many functions.
  • That there’s no scripting language like VBA.

I’m here to separate fact from fiction and show you how powerful Google Sheets is.

I can provide training for your team of Excel users, so that their transition to Google Sheets is as quick and easy as possible.

Through workshops, webinars and online courses, we will:

  • Get excited to use Google Sheets
  • Understand differences between these two spreadsheet tools
  • Learn advanced techniques in Google Sheets
  • See the benefits of Google Sheets

Together, let’s re-imagine your workflows in Google Sheets.

My online courses have been taken by more than 20,000 students across many industries and companies, including:

How can I help you?

Explore what Google Sheets will do for you with my comprehensive Guide For Migrating From Excel To Google Sheets.

Looking for in-depth, specific training for you and your team? Take a look at my workshop packages or online courses.

Get in touch to see how we might work together as you transition from Excel to Google Sheets.